The climate of Tajikistan is considered mild, dry and sharply continental. The climate is subtropical valleys, mountains – cold. In the low hills south-western part of the state winter temperature is + 2 ° C, and in the middle of summer rises up to + 30 ° C. In the northern part, the temperature below, respectively.

Usually, the weather in the Republic of Tajikistan is considered to be very warm, but there are also very cold. The variability of weather in Tajikistan depends on its continental location. Tajikistan mostly has mountainous landscape, which prevents cold winds and helps to preserve the warm temperature. Temperatures in some areas can reach in the summer up to + 48 ° С and in the cold season drop to -20 ° C.

The warm climate with very hot summers and warm winters acceptable characteristic of the plains, located at 350-500 meters above sea level. Closer to the foothills of the summer is the time when reasonably warm, and of the winter is the time when considered cool. The higher the mountains – the colder, accordingly.

Among the peculiarities of the country’s climate may be noted that the weather is very variable depending on the off-season the temperature drop. Temperature differs in the range 28-30 ° C depending on the season.

The basic amount of precipitation coming into the country from the west. The annual rate reaches from 150 to 1200 mm, depending on the region.

Interesting facts about the climate of Tajikistan:

Rainy areas are in Hissar valley;

Windy areas are Khujand and Kanibadam cities;

The coldest area is the Murghab, and the warmest Kumsangir.