Tashkent is the largest city of Uzbekistan and its sunny capital. However, Tashkent is not so attractive for tourists. This is due to the fact that the capital of Uzbekistan is considered to be a modern city, and many people think that there is nothing to do and nothing to see.

But you’re wrong.  We’ll tell you that this city is interesting and unusual. Many famous people visited Tashkent: actors of theater, circus and movie directors, writers, painters, sculptors, writers and poets, singers and musicians, outstanding scientists and professors, famous architects and builders.

Believe me, if you visiting the capital of Uzbekistan – you will find many beautiful places, attractions and will be able to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Uzbek people.

Museums and tourist attractions:


We advise you to start your day with Arts Museum of Uzbekistan. You will find here copies of paintings by famous artists and along with get acquainted with the works of great painters and sculptors of Uzbekistan. Unfortunately, tourists visit this place not too often.

You can also learn about the history of Uzbekistan, going to National Historical Museums and the Amir Timur Museum. National Museum of Nature of Uzbekistan is one of the oldest scientific and educational institutions in Tashkent. It impresses visitors with its collection of exhibits. Maybe, you will be interested in literature. In this case, welcome to the Alisher Navoi Literary Museum or House-Museum of Gafoor Ghulam or Museum of Esenin.

Amir Timur Square

Do you like to go for a walk on beautiful places? If your answer “yes”, you shouldn’t pass by Amir Timur Square. It is a beautiful park with shady sidewalks, Tamerlane Monument and urban sculptures. It should be emphasized that this place is very green and clean. By the way, not far from the square with the outstanding Tamerlane monument is the the Amir Timur Museum.

Hast Imam Square 

This is unique place in its structure and history. Hast Imam attracts attention not only tourists but residents of Uzbekistan too. Palaces and mosques have hundreds of years. The main pride of the complex Hast Imam is the very first Koran (the Ottoman Koran). Ottoman Koran is the primary source of Islam holy book.

In addition, you can walk through the Abubakr Kaffal-Shashi mausoleum, Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-bobo, Yunus-khan Mausoleum and visit Kukeldash Madrasah and Barakh-khan Madrasah

Independence Square 

You can get to Independence Square only with one side and walking around on a limited area, but that does not stop to enjoy the green oasis, white buildings and many fountains.


Have you ever traded ?! It is a national tradition with a long history for Uzbekistan.

You can spend many hours on shopping in Uzbekistan… you will not notice how your day will fly by. Tht is why this activity is better to left in the final days of your trip.

Markets crammed with flavors, colors, emotions and souvenirs. On such markets as Chorsu and Eski Juva Bazaar, you can buy home furnishings, spices, jewelry or national clothes. In Chorsu (Eski Juva) market, you can try the national dishes prepared according to the rules and traditions of the Uzbek cuisine.