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General information about Tajikistan

The Republic of Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia, which is situated in the foothills of the Pamir. Tajikistan borders with such countries as China, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

The Republic of Tajikistan is considered the only Persian-speaking state in Central Asia.

The population consists basically of Tajiks are Sunni Muslim.

General information:

  • Founded: 9th century BC .;
  • Independence Date: September 9, 1991;
  • Capital: Dushanbe;
  • Big cities: Dushanbe, Khujand, Kulyab, Kurgan-Tube, Istaravshan, Kanibadam, Penjikent, Khorog, Tursunzade;
  • Area: 143,100 sq. km;
  • Official language: Tajik;
  • International languages: Russian;
  • Form of government: presidential republic;
  • Population: 8,486,300 people;
  • Internet zone: tj;
  • Religion: Islam, Orthodox Christianity;
  • Currency: Somoni.

The Republic of Tajikistan is very rich in its natural resources.

Flag of the Republic of Tajikistan:

Tajikistan flag has three horizontal stripes: red, green and white. The flag shows a stylized golden crown and a semicircle of seven stars. Crown and stars fit into a rectangle, and the five-pointed star in a circle.

Tajikistan flag was adopted in 1992.

There are several interpretations of the flag colors:

  • Red – independence;
  • White – calm;
  • Green – prosperity.

The symbolism of flowers goes back far in ancient times. If you start from the Avesta, it is believed that society was divided into three main estates, each of which is associated with the color:

  • Red – the military elite. Self-sacrifice and valor;
  • White – clergy. Moral purity;
  • Green – freemen. Prosperity and nature.

Coat of arms of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan:

The State Emblem of the Republic of Tajikistan is a stylized crown and a semicircle of seven stars in the sun that rises from behind the mountains, snow-covered with framed crown. On the right side are ears of wheat, and to the left,  branches with opened bolls of cotton. Top of crown is interwoven with three-way ribbon, and the bottom, there is the book on a special stand.

National holidays:

  • 1 January – New Year;
  • 8 March – International Women’s Day;
  • 21-24 March – Navruz;
  • 1 May – Labor Day;
  • 9 May – Victory Day;
  • 27 June – Day of National Unity;
  • 9 September – Independence Day;
  • 6 November – Constitution Day.

The official currency of the Republic of Tajikistan is considered somoni. In the exchange offices and banks, you can exchange dollars and euros for the local currency. Also in the country are supported by Visa card.

You have the right to import and export from the country of the currency in unlimited quantities. The most important thing is to make the amount of money in the declaration