The climate of Kazakhstan

The climate of Kazakhstan is considered to be sharply continental and dry.  The average rainfall is equal to 100-500 mm. The amplitude between summer and winter temperatures is considered to be very large. Short-lived winters are very cold, and the summers are unbearable hot. Regarding Kazakhstan geographical location it belongs to Mediterranean. Proceeding from that,

The Turgen gorge

The exact emplacement of the gorge into a national park called the Ile-Alatau. In the distant ancient times, through the gorge Turgen caravans passed with camels on their way from Europe to India and China. A wonderful and most beautiful piece of nature is famous for its waterfalls, dangerous cliffs, clean air, as well as


Astana was founded in 1824 and at that time it was considered a military fortification, which was created in the Russian-Kazakh Karaotkel area. Astana is part of a historical tour of Kazakhstan and our guides will be glad to conduct a tour of this outstanding city. There were employed approximately 150 people in the small

Plateau of Dinosaurs

In the eastern part of the Republic of Turkmenistan, in the heart of the mountains located Koytendag natural museum under the open sky and the amazing collection of traces of prehistoric reptiles. The locals call this place “the Plateau of Dinosaurs”.   Plateau of Dinosaurs is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea

History of Turkmenistan

History of Turkmenistan The great state of Turkmenistan there is a very long time. Excavations that are carried out on the territory of the present republic indicates that this life was born in the era of the Stone Age. During archaeological excavations have been found tools that show life in the early Paleolithic and Jeitun

National Turkmen Carpet Museum

National Turkmen Carpet Museum is located in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. It is located in the center of the capital. The building is divided into several parts. One part is the administrative building corporation “Turkmenhaly” and the second was reserved specifically for the museum. The total area of the National Turkmen Carpet Museum is


Provincial small town under the interesting name Kerki located on the eastern side of the Republic of Turkmenistan. According to historical records, it is believed that the first settlement in the area was in the 1st millennium BC. First, a small town called “Zemm”, then it has gained the name of “Kirk”, which translated from


In the eastern part of the Republic of Turkmenistan is a mountain chain named Koytendag or as it is called by the locals, Kugitangtau. The mountain range, which consists of numerous cliffs and gorges from year to year attracts crowds of tourists. This place is full of lots of interesting trails for hikers and mountain


In the Republic of Turkmenistan, there are the ruins of the ancient city of Nysa near the town of Ashgabat that was the capital of the Parthian state in the first century BC. There was built the temple and palace buildings, large-scale wine storage and a variety of stores with multiple stocks.   The city