Sanatorium “Madaniat Sihatgoh”

Sanatorium “Madaniat Sihatgoh” is located in Andijan region, in Pakhtaabad district. The health resort has become a very popular destination among tourists and those who have decided to improve their health, due to the artesian well. Mineral water comes from a depth of 2650 meters. It is rich in various components and its composition resembles

Sanatorium “Chinabad”

Sanatorium “Chinabad” is a hospital, which is located in one of the park areas of Tashkent. Here come the patients suffering from diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, gynecological and urological diseases, etc. Treatment is carried out with modern machines imported from abroad, with the latest techniques, herbs, silt mud and mineral springs. The emphasis

Sanatorium “Chimion”

Sanatorium “Chimion” is a diagnostic and treatment sanatorium which welcomes patients with problems of the circulatory system and the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems, urological and gynecological problems. Sanatorium “Chimion” was built at an altitude of 450 m above sea level. Due to its location, visitors can enjoy the fresh air, take a walk

Sanatorium “Chatkal”

Sanatorium “Chatkal” is a hospital, which was opened by the National Committee of Geology. Sanatorium “Chatkal” located in Gazalkent and is considered a multifunctional hospital. Patients that come in “Chatkal” sanatorium suffering from diseases associated with the digestive tract, locomotor, gynecological and urological disorders, dermatological problems, CCC and so on. Striking techniques professionals quickly put you

Sanatorium “Khumsan”

Sanatorium “Khumsan” is a beautiful place for recreation and entertainment of family vacation, which is located in Khumsan Aktash-zone, which is approximately just eighty kilometers from Tashkent. The resort is surrounded by the spurs of the Western Tien Shan and the spectacular scenery of rivers and wild flowering gardens. Sanatorium “Khumsan” this is an excellent

Sanatorium “Tavaksai”

Sanatorium “Tavaksai” specializes in the treatment of patients who require special support. Among these patients Labor Veterans, BOB, which in turn have CCC problems, TSR and so on. In sanatorium “Tavaksai” present about 450 chambers “Standard” and “Lux”, which are equipped with air conditioning and satellite TV.   The emphasis in the treatment of veterans

Sanatorium “Semurg-Scifo”

Sanatorium “Semurg-Scifo” is located in Zangiota district, in the village of Eshanguzar. The main resort is considered therapeutic drug source in the form of mineral water, which is used in the treatment of stomach ulcers, diabetes, urine acid diathesis, gastritis, liver disease, colitis, biliary tract, cardiovascular and skin diseases as well as diseases of the

Sanatorium “Obi Hayot”

Sanatorium “Obi Hayot” has been built in the Shavat city. This place is very popular among those who decided to rest in a comfortable and green park resorts, and, of course, to improve their health. Patients coming to the sanatorium “Obi Hayot” may apply to the senior staff who are happy to help improve health

Sanatorium “Nuroniylar”

Sanatorium “Nuroniylar” is the purpose-built facility for the elderly, in which veterans of war and labor front can relax and get the treatment they need. Sanatorium “Nuroniylar” is a small complex with chambers for 2, 4 and 8 persons. Also, there are VIP-Chambers. In the rooms, there is air conditioning, refrigerators, satellite TV. For visitors in

Sanatorium “Miraki”

The sanatorium “Miraki” is located not far from the ancient city of Shakhrisabz. This place is perfect for patients suffering from diseases of the circulatory system and upper respiratory tract, as well as central nervous system disorders. Sanatorium “Miraki” is small but very cozy chambers designed for one or two persons. Visitors can take therapeutic showers