On the roads of Uzbekistan was seen an electric car Tesla.

Auto Tesla revolutionary electric vehicles designed to completely destroy the internal combustion engine and to inculcate in mankind the desire to move exclusively on environmentally friendly transport. Tesla’s first car proved that a gasoline engine can be sent to a

14 facts about Uzbekistan

The highest mountain point in Uzbekistan is the Hissar range, the peak is equal to 4643 meters above sea level. Each station in the Tashkent metro, it’s like a work of architectural art. There are more than 2000 mosques on

Mulberry tree

Mulberry, or as it is also called “Silkworm”, was brought to Central Asia from China. According to one legend, silk threads were discovered randomly, from which began to weave silk fabric, which gained wide popularity due to the Great Silk

Ancient pyramids of Uzbekistan

For a long time, it was believed that the pyramids exist only in Egypt and Mexico. However, a modern find in the Kashkadarya and Samarkand regions can turn our view of history. The found pyramids resemble the pyramids of Giza

Fortress of Kirk-kyz-kala

In 1938, during the archaeological excavations in Khorezm, an ancient settlement of Kirk-kyz-kala dates back to I-VI centuries AD was discovered. According to scientists, this fortress was created for the defensive purposes of the north-eastern border of ancient Khorezm.  


Nowruz is the traditional and oldest holiday of the peoples of Central Asia and the East. It corresponds to the vernal equinox and is the first day of the solar calendar.   Nowruz is also considered the holiday of the

Euronews travels to Kokand

This week the Euronews channel in the program “Postcards from Uzbekistan” showed a story about one of the historical cities of Uzbekistan in the city of Kokand. Leading programs went to the Fergana Valley to get to know more about

Archaeologists have found an unusual discovery in Karakalpakstan

Karakalpak and Australian archaeologists have discovered an unusual mural. In Karakalpakstan on one of the archaeological sites was discovered a palace dating to the end of the III and the beginning II the BC, in one of the halls the

The Great Silk Road

In the history of human civilization, there is a large number of examples of quite a long mutually beneficial economic and cultural cooperation between the peoples and countries that were at the same time different religious, political and ethnic traditions.

Central Asia

The Central Asian countries Central Asia consists of the five republics: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The total area of Central Asia is 3,994,300 square kilometers The total population – 51,000,000 people, among whom there are more than 100