Sanatorium “Kasansay” is located on the border of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. The resort was built on the coast Kasansay River, which is very rich minerals. It’s kind of a multidisciplinary therapeutic resort, which stretchs their holdings at an altitude of 940 m above sea level. Its territory covers an approximate area of 19 hectares.

Currently, there are functioning dining room, library, club and medical office (designed for 240-250 visitors). Present rooms “Standard” and “Lux” with double cottages.

Sanatorium “Kasansay” is intended for the treatment of gynecological diseases and gastro, intestinal organs and the nervous system, cardiovascular system and respiratory tract. The therapeutic procedures include UHF, SCR, darsonvalization, magnetic therapy, underwater massage, ultrasound and ECG, clinical laboratory, etc. Mineral water from the healing springs is used for showering and drinking.

In the dining room for you to organize a “vitamin table” and 3 meals a day diet food. , Club, library and rooms of consumer services. By request, the resort can arrange a tour of the local surroundings.

Rates: (depending on your preference – to be confirmed during the call).

Contacts: Namangan region, g.Kasansay, ul.Druzhby peoples d.21.

Phone: 652-11-97; 652-11-92.

Operators of our travel agency «Orient Mice» happy to answer all your questions and help you arrange a trip to the sanatorium “Kasansay”.