Sanatorium “Chatkal” is a hospital, which was opened by the National Committee of Geology. Sanatorium “Chatkal” located in Gazalkent and is considered a multifunctional hospital.
Patients that come in “Chatkal” sanatorium suffering from diseases associated with the digestive tract, locomotor, gynecological and urological disorders, dermatological problems, CCC and so on. Striking techniques professionals quickly put you on your feet and improve your health through the physiotherapy, a special diet, advanced equipment, therapeutic exercise, fresh air and a relaxing holiday. Visitors “Chatkal” Sanatorium can receive therapeutic showers of mineral water.
The price includes:
• Treatment;
• 3 meals a day.
The therapeutic procedures used for massage, hydroaeroionization, psychotherapy, physical therapy, etc. Hotel services and facilities are available: table tennis, billiard room, swimming pool, excursions to the countryside.
Rates: (depending on your preference – to be confirmed during the call).
Contacts: Tashkent Oblast Gazalkent Str. Ibn Sina.
Phone: 742-10-75; 742-11-15.
Operators of our travel agency «Orient Mice» happy to answer all your questions and help you arrange a trip to the sanatorium “Chatkal”.