Sanatorium “Chartak” is a therapeutic recreational building, which is located at a height of almost 650 meters above sea level. It is located in Chartak district and is surrounded by beautiful scenery in the form of green hills and the river under the name “Chartak-Say.”

Patients treated in the resort for a relaxing holiday and for treatment in the field of skin, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, urology and gynecology, gastrointestinal tract. The hospital “Chartak” present physiotherapy, preventive exercise, wellness massage. Also, there is a swimming pool and a billiard room, tennis, library, rehabilitation center and the Palace of Arts.

In the recreation area “Chartak” there are 1, 2 and 4-bed room. There are 1 and 2-bed rooms, the VIP.

Rates: (depending on your preferences, specify through the call).

Contacts: Namangan region. Reference: Chartak area 5 The ul.A.Saydalieva.

Operators of our travel agency «Orient Mice» happy to answer all your questions and help you arrange a trip to the sanatorium “Chartak”.