The population of Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a crowded nation, where the thickness is equivalent to 6.3 individuals for every 1 sq km area.

As indicated by the last information (2015), 17,651,852 individuals live in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Specifically, indigenous people groups (Kazakhs) is equivalent to 63.01%.

Uzbeks (3.07%), Ukrainians (1.7%), Russian (21.05%), Tatars (1.17%), Germans (1.1%), and so forth.

The populace evaluation in the Republic of Kazakhstan is done like clockwork.

According to the 1996 census the population of Kazakhstan amounted to 15.544 million. And according to the results of the population census in 2015 risen to 1,107,852 rights and equal people 17.651.25. Whereby we can say that there is a solid trend of population growth. The average standard of living has increased and decreased emigration.

The standout amongst the most populated urban areas considered Almaty (more than 1.5 million individuals). The second is the city of Astana (828.000 individuals), then takes after Shymkent (more than 600,000 individuals), and so forth.