It goes without saying that pilaf is the first most popular dish in Uzbekistan. There is even a legend that during long hikes Tamerlane’s army was eating pilaf and thus gained victory in battles. Since pilaf is very nutritious, it is enough to eat one cup of pilaf to satisfy hunger.

In total, Uzbekistan has many kinds of pilaf. In every city, it is cooked in its own way, somewhere with the addition of dried fruits, somewhere with spicy chili pepper, sometimes it is added kazy (horse meat). It is still impossible to determine which recipe of pilaf is better. Because everyone has their own preferences. However, each kind of pilaf can be tasted at the restaurants of the Pilaf Center, where you choose what to add to the pilaf. Usually, the dish is served with vegetable salad, greens, and also black tea.

Often the cook, exactly who cooks pilaf, is considered a hereditary profession and is transferred from father to son.