Nowruz is the traditional and oldest holiday of the peoples of Central Asia and the East. It corresponds to the vernal equinox and is the first day of the solar calendar.

Nowruz is also considered the holiday of the beginning of agricultural work. Each year, on the holiday Nowruz, people prepare delicious dishes, organize folk festivals and start sowing some seeds. Initially, the celebration was considered the custom of farmers, but later the holiday acquired a wider meaning and became part of the customs and way of life of different peoples.

On the territory of many countries and not only in Central Asia this holiday has always been welcomed joyfully as the beginning of the new year. Preparation is considered a very important process and therefore people start to prepare for it a few days in advance. First of all, the sumalak was cooked from the sprouted wheat and this process continues throughout the day. The main thing is that the person who cooks should drive away evil thoughts. Since it is physically difficult to stir the thick sumalak during 24 hours, a large number of people succeed each other near the boiler. So the tradition of preparing sumalak for the whole street or makhallya took its beginning. Also, people prepare dishes such as samsa with mint, dumplings with greens, organized folk games such as horse racing, ulak, kurash, held festivities, sang songs about spring. On the first day of Nowruz in the countryside, the children, gathered in groups, sang a song dedicated to Nowruz in front of the doors of the houses. The owner of the house gave them gifts and treated them with food. Children gave one part of this food to widows and orphans living in the village. Until now, this tradition has survived in some villages. Nowruz was not only a holiday of the new year, but it was also considered a holiday of labor.

Nowruz is part of UNESCO’s list of international organizations as an intangible cultural heritage. This is due to the fact that Nowruz, has an ancient history and is a part of the culture of our people, it is a great and blooming holiday, which every year brings in the brightness of colors and spring renewal in our lives.