Turkmens since ancient times prefer meat, especially lamb. Also, they eat considerable amounts of chicken meat.


As a rule, In the Republic of Turkmenistan, people prepare all meals with sesame oil and mutton fat. Small pieces of meat products fried in the fire in fat. This dish is prepared in advance and then used for the preparation of the meat.


Turkmens like a mountain goat meat, which is cooked in the tandoor or on the coals.

In the Republic of Turkmenistan, there are national dishes, which are found in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan, and there are also dishes that are not found in any other country.


For instance, Turkmens prefer dried meat, which they jerk under the sun in the wind (kachmach). Garyn is sheep’s stomach, which is rubbed with spices and stuffed his finely cut pieces of bacon and meat. The stomach was sutured, and then it was buried for 24 hours in a pre-heated sand.


Very popular are soups in Turkmen cuisine as well as dishes namely


  • govurma – roast lamb;
  • garyn – sausages;
  • Berek – manti;
  • govurlan-et – a dish of lamb with tomatoes “;
  • ishlekli – pies round shape of the onions and meat;
  • heygenek – an omelet stuffed with meat;
  • kebab – a shish kebab, and so forth.