Memorial house museum of Tamara Khanum

Tamara Khanum Memorial Museum was built in 1994 in Tashkent. The house museum of Tamara Khanum  based on the ongoing exhibition of her costumes.

Tamara Khanum was a People’s Artist of the USSR, the dancer and the founder of modern dance. She grew up in a small town of the Fergana Valley. In childhood she was an excellent performer Uzbek folk songs and dances.

The museum has restored rooms where she lived the last years of her life,. Here are records songs, clothes, poems, unpublished memoirs, diaries, awards and state awards, costumes and photographs from the life and work of the outstanding Artist.

Every year, the museum of Tamara Khanum displays her stage costumes.

Tamara Khanum has developed art of dance of Uzbekistan for several decades (20s-30s) in 20-th century.

Tamara Khanum has created an original and interesting folk songs and dances which were very popular among the people.