Langar is located in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, in the vicinity of the Wakhan Valley.

This place attracts any tourist who decided to overcome a mountain pass. It is very unusual and at the same time picturesque place.

The village itself is surrounded by bare rocky peaks and flowering fields. Langar village is considered to be a kind of a flourishing oasis in the “desert rock”.

“Langar” is translated from Tajik as “stop”. Through this ancient settlement, once he passed the Great Silk Road.

And even then, the place was a “green paradise” with mountain streams, where loved to stop traders and caravans with camels to take a break from the road and gain strength. In the surrounding area still has the ruins of the ancient caravanserais.

On the way to the village, you may come across a snowy panorama Pakistani Karakoram and Hindu Kush of Afghanistan, as well as, you will meet the small settlement of nomads called “Aylok”. This summer stop. The shepherds at that time herding cows and goats here, and you, as a traveler can stay there for the night and more closely acquainted with the life of the nomadic people of Tajikistan.

According to local legend, the people that live in the village of Langar and in nearby villages, are considered descendants of the peri (pari). Peri ancient mythical creatures about them the locals were so much loved to sing in their songs and poems.

Also, here and believe in the existence of yet another ancient creatures. They are called “Albastyi”. These creatures, like Perry from ancient mythology, but have demonic origins.

Langar is not only a beautiful place, but also has its historical and archaeological sites. One of which, the ancient rock carvings. Scientists have not been able to find out to what century are dated petroglyphs. The ancient images have two subjects namely domestic and small scenes of hunting wild animals.

Also, there are present mountain lakes in the vicinity of the ancient settlement, and deep caves that have not yet examined by cavers.

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