The annual festival will be held from 26 to 28 May in the city of Bukhara in 16th times. Throughout the festival will be organized a lot of celebrations, events and competitions. Participate or just watch may any citizen of the country or foreign countries.

Specialists from all cities of Uzbekistan and other countries will provide their seasonings.

The best cooks of the country have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the “Palov sayli” ( “Festival of pilaf”) while guests of the festival will be able to enjoy a delicious meal and enjoy the spectacle of the competition.

Craftsmen will hold workshops of pottery, carpet weaving, blacksmith craft, embroidery with gold thread and many other crafts.

Among the recreational activities will cock and ram fights, walking a tightrope, and more.

Also at the festival will be held a fashion show of the best young designers of adras and satin.

At the end of the festival,  it will be organized folklore concert and a gala concert with the talented and popular artists of the country.