Khujand is a small ancient city, located in the Republic of Tajikistan, near the capital. The population of Khujand, there are over 140,000 people.

Khujand is considered a very ancient city of Tajikistan. Its history began in the 6-7 century. Initially formed a village, but the village grew and developed, and gradually turned into a small town.

Khujand was constantly attacked. This was due to the fact that the city was on the route of the Silk Road, and the city was very popular among traders.In the 7th century Khujand was captured by the Arabs, and then he was attacked by the Mongols. The city could not long resist the army of Genghis Khan and was destroyed almost to the ground.

The city gradually recovered and became a center of culture and science. Here we were born and lived his long life, many scientists, writers, poets, astronomers. For instance, Abumahmud Khujandi is considered the founder of the local astronomical school. Famous Mahasti went down in history as a great dancer and a talented poet. Also contributing to the development of cultural and scientific life have such great people as active educational work such artists as Sodirhon Hafiz, Toshhodzha Asiri, Khoja Yusuf and many others.

The city grew and developed. We began to appear various businesses. Nowadays, the largest of them is silk industrial complex. By 1991, the city has had more than 40-hospitals and more than 15 institutions and 30 schools.

From the sights that can be seen around the city, perfectly preserved mosque-mausoleum of Sheikh Muslihiddin and medieval citadel (17-19 centuries).Also, visitors will be interested in The historical museum of archeology and fortification, which was opened in 1986 in honor of the 2,500 years.

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