Lake Kanbeshbulak is located in the southwest part of Baysun, Surkhandarya region on the border with Turkmenistan. Due to the border regime, you can get to it only from the side of the village of Akrabot, Kashkadarya region.To this end, having moved down the road M-39, you need to overcome more than 40 kilometers of ascents and descents on very bad roads, and places on the full off-road.

According to one version, the lake was not formed naturally, it arose as a result of the fall of the meteorite. A lot of data testify to the fall of the meteorite in the Khamkan tract, resulting in the formation of a crater, which was then filled with water. Near the lake in the soil and sand can be found tektites – small pieces of dark green, blue, black glass formed as a result of heating at high temperature due to as a result of a meteorite fall or lightning strike

In the mountains surrounding the lake, you can find meteorite fragments, quite large in size from the palm of an adult person, as well as other stones not corresponding to a terrestrial origin.

Scientists have analyzed the location of meteoritic clusters, their sequence of drops and revealed a probable trajectory of the fall of the space object that left such traces.

The landscape of the lake itself is very attractive, framed by thick juniper forests on the slopes of the Tübere-Oland mountain. The lake is located in the basin at an altitude of 1700 m (5577 ft) above sea level and measures 800 x 650 m (2625 x 2133 ft). There are many species of fish in the reservoir.