The jade lake Urungach is located 160 km from Tashkent, on the territory of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park at an altitude of 1,227 meters. From the Uighur language, “Urungach” means “Light Jade”. According to scientists, the lake was formed as a result of a rock collapse, which in consequence formed into a natural dam.

The road to the lake is divided into two stages, namely the first gradual ascent to a small lake, then follows a steeper and longer one to the upper jade lake. Despite the hard way, the view that opens when you reach the lake instantly erases all the memories of the difficult path.

In front of you is the majestic beauty of the lake and the mountains around it. This place immerses you in an atmosphere of silence and serenity, it is enough just to sit and admire the view as any stress goes to the background.

Lake is unique by its water which has a rich nephrite color. In spring time, these places have especially beautiful views, at that time beautiful snowdrops bloom in the surroundings of the trails and give this place an even more beautiful view. In summer, the temperature of the water allows you to swim in a crystal clear lake and sunbathe on its shore. Memories of this unique lake and its landscape will remain with you for a long time.