Due to the diversity and uniqueness of the cuisine, gastronomic tourism is becoming a popular direction throughout the world. As well known, Uzbekistan is rich in its variety of dishes and is renowned for its cuisine far beyond the country. Every tourist will find their own a favorite meal here. Most often, this is the main national dish is pilaf, which is included in the List of Intangible Heritage of UNESCO.

For this reason, it was decided to organize its own gastronomic festival. Have not yet determined the exact date of the festival, but in the plans of the annual observance in August in Tashkent.

In recent years, Uzbekistan has conducted a series of gastronomic festivals on a smaller scale, as well as fairs and competitions. However, the full potential in this area was not practically used, till the decision to organize the festival of this magnitude. This event is aimed at increasing tourism potential, as well as on the development of skills of local chefs.