In Uzbekistan, the first free tourist zone is being created. The construction of the zone takes place in the center of Bukhara and will be called “Boky Bukhoro”. It is known that its territory will contain hotels of various classes of service, shopping centers, entertainment facilities such as bowling, karaoke bars, discos, cafes and restaurants with a wide range of cuisine from all over the world. The plans also include the construction of an amphitheater for 500 seats.

All facilities will operate around the clock, in order to provide foreign guests with high-grade leisure time at any time, regardless of the time zone of their home country.

The construction will include the objects of national character, such as the artisans’ quarter, a covered market consisting of two-storeyed houses with traditional handicraft workshops, shops, trade benches of national souvenirs, gold embroidery products, book products, fruits, vegetables, sweets and other products in demand among tourists.

The first objects are planned to be put into operation in the spring of 2018.