Ethnic cuisine in Kyrgyzstan

National cuisine of the Kyrgyz Republic has enriched its recipes from the various nations of Central Asia for centuries.

This was due to the fact, that Kyrgyzstan laid of the Great Silk Road and a large number of merchants and caravans passed through this country.

In different cities of the state take root different cuisine. For example, in Bishkek people were very fond of Russian cuisine. In other towns combines Turkish, Chinese and Korean cuisine.

The Kyrgyz nomads prefer dairy products, meat and bread. In settled Turkic tribes, was a favorite Uzbek and Uighur cuisine.

In the south of the country, the people prefer cuisine with herbs and various spices.

Moreover, the Kyrgyz people, have dishes with ritual significance.

However, over the centuries, some recipes have been forgotten, and some have transformed to everyday dishes.

The national dish of Uzbekistan are kebab, lagman, samsa and pilav.

The peculiarity of national cuisine in the Kyrgyz Republic is considered very easy in preparing of meals.

Here you will not find sauce or chopped meat. Uzbek people is trying to use fewer spices and sauces.

As mentioned above, except for the city that settled in the south of country.