Over the past decades, on the territory of Uzbekistan, there has been a disappearance of a unique species of the saiga antelope. To pay attention to this global problem, an Eco-marathon was held in Karakalpakstan. In total, about 500 people of different ages and status took part in this event, such as teachers, pop stars, deputies. Then the marathon continued in the nearest saigas habitats.

These measures are taken with the aim of refraining from poaching and revising the attitude towards the ecosystem. Since 2013, the “Saiga Day” has been celebrated in Karakalpakstan, which later grew into an international holiday. On this day, environmentally friendly activities are carried out. Thus, kindergartens and schools actively study endangered species of animals and measures to prevent this problem.

Saiga is an ancient species that existed even in the time of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. They were able to survive many cataclysms, before the appearance of man. So we can displace another species of animals from the face of the earth. However, according to scientists, with the rapid change in the situation, everything can be corrected. The government of Uzbekistan has already issued a number of decrees for dealing with these environmental problems, due to which the chances of keeping the species are significantly increased.