Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan. This young city appeared relatively recently, and there is an interesting fact that it was named in honor of the day of the week, which opened a large local market. “Dushanbe” is translated from Tajik as “Monday”.

Where there were villages Sary Asiya and Shahmansur and formed a small town. Since it is in these villages stopped visiting merchants.

In 1925, in the town were first enterprise and began construction of new houses. The city grew and developed rapidly. Already in 1939, lived here more than 80,000 people. They were mostly newcomers.

Dushanbe is a center of cultural and scientific life of the Republic of Tajikistan. Locals call it the city of students. Since being built there and done everything to raise the intellectual level of young people.In Dushanbe, there are a bunch of specialized schools, laboratories and institutes.

In addition, local scientists every day make a great contribution to science (chemistry, zoology, botany and economics).Astronomers were even able to gain recognition abroad for their scientific work in the field of comet and meteor astrophysics.A purpose-built Institute of Seismology, continues to work on techniques in the area of construction of buildings. This is to ensure that the institutions were able to withstand strong earthquakes.

Dushanbe Culture does not lag behind science. Also, the city is not deprived of a large number of theaters, museums, and various cultural centers.Theaters were erected such as the Tajik Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Sadridina Ayni Opera and Ballet Theatre named after S. Aini State Youth Theatre. M. Vahidova, Dushanbe Puppet Theatre, State Russian Drama Theatre. V. Mayakovsky.

A very fascinating exhibition of the museum in Dushanbe. For instance, in the National Museum, you will learn combined with a collection of art school in Asia and Europe. And at the National Museum of Antiquities in front of you opens exhibition of archaeological materials that were collected by archaeologists, not only in Tajikistan, but also the Russian Federation. It was here that the famous worldwide statue of “Buddha in nirvana”. It is considered the biggest ancient Buddhist monument in the world.

Many travelers interested in certain areas of the young city. In the central part of the preserved buildings that were built in the 30s, as well as in the city there are whole areas where houses have been built in the traditional style.

Annually, there are increasing cash investments which allocated on infrastructure development, culture, science, tourism development, hotel business. The city has several parks, and the streets are decorated with crowns of trees and flowers have been built. At the zoo, visitors to the city can meet animals from almost any corner of the globe.

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