The day of memory and honor is a great day that the next generation will remember for a long time. On this day people from Uzbekistan also fought for the freedom of the motherland in World War II. The day of memory and honors is celebrated on May 9 and its name contains a special meaning. Memory to the fallen, Honor to the survivors. With the outbreak of the Second World War, the life of the population in the territories where military operations were conducted was in great danger. In difficult times, Uzbekistan became home to thousands of evacuated families. Many families took children who had become orphans in wartime. The most common example is the family of the blacksmith Shamakhmudov, a family who adopted 15 orphaned children during the war. Their feat is immortalized in a monument of granite and bronze in the center of the capital. Thus, Uzbekistan has received more than a million people, 200 thousand of whom were children.

On this day, residents of the country pay tribute to the victims of the Second World War and lay flowers to the monument of the Sorrowful Mother. Near the monument, you can find stelae of black granite with carved names of those killed in the brutal war. And, of course, another mention and symbol are the eternal fire, embodying the burning hearts of those people who gave their lives for their Motherland.