Tajiks are a very ancient people and their culture, there are more than a hundred years. For all the time the existence and development of the Tajik people have been able to maintain customs and traditions, in which all of their cultural life was built.

According to the records, which were able to find, archaeologists believed that the cultural life of the Tajik people started about 4-5 centuries BC

Due to archaeological excavations have been found glassware, metalwork and wood, which date back to that time.

Tajiks from the beginning of time have sought for knowledge and experience that they have gained, are reflected in their culture, science, art and everyday life.

The Arab conquerors were able to destroy the real language Tajik, Dari. However, after a while, the Tajik people returned it. Today many treatises, songs and poems are written exclusively in that language.

874-1005 BC this period of time is considered the flowering of cultural development. Namely, literature and science, astronomy and philosophy. A lot of cultural centers have been created, where a lot of great people, contribute to the science and art of Tajik people .

Abu Raihan Beruni, Farabi, Ibn Sina, Imam Termeziy, Omar Khayyam, – these and many other names are known all over the world. They lived and worked in the territory of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Across the Republic of Tajikistan, a large number of cultural centers, educational circles were built, theaters, museums and other cultural institutions.

Annually, in the main cities of Tajikistan, locals carry out international festivals that relate to music, film, folklore, dance and songs.