Culture of Kazakhstan

The modern Kazakhstan is the Republic occurred from ancient traditions and customs , which is now trying all efforts to preserve folk crafts, rituals, ancient sports, traditions, and archaeological sites of the country.

The traditions and customs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, originate from the distant ancient times. There, in yurts, are always welcome to guests. They poured hot tea with milk and served dostarkhan of national dishes.

Yurt – a portable housing has remained with Kazakhs since ancient times. Today, the shepherds live here. Yurt – this is a very comfortable home that is ready to withstand all weather conditions. It can be easy to assemble, and it takes up little space. The yurt includes items such as kerege (grating base) uyk (cloth dome) and shanyrak (top round dome shape).

Kazakhs have always paid great attention to its national adornment and drawings. Therefore, the yurt is always decorated with carpets and various embroidery.

The everyday objects Kazakhs include: metal products, wood and bone, sledge, felt carpets, ladles, bowls for koumiss and other national dairy beverages, flasks, whips, belts. That’s things are decorated with beautiful national ornaments and leather.

Jewelers, or whatever they are called differently “steppe zergers” love to work with silver. They are considered great masters for the production of jewelry. Very popular earrings in the form of bells, and various suspension in the form of a crescent and bracelets – bleziki. They are connected by the ring due to a very thin chains.

Kazakh national clothes substantially

are different and diverse. It all depends on the region of origin. The basis of the difference in the ornamental embroidery. In general, men’s clothing consists of a robe with a belt, skullcap (felt hats), or hats with earflaps. In the women’s national costume includes dresses, jackets and hats with silk scarves.

The people of Kazakhstan is very fond of music and everything connected with it. There respectfully refer   “akyns” poets or another name is improvisers.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan like to spend international concerts and various competitions in songs and games on national instruments.

Holidays in Kazakhstan like to celebrate, as they say, “on a grand scale.” One of the most popular is considered “Nauryz” – “New Year”.

Holiday Nauryz is a very ancient holiday, which is celebrated in Kazakhstan has been 5,000 years. This is a celebration of spring and the renewal of nature.

According to various historical records that have been found by scientists and archaeologists during excavations, it became known that Nauryz met not only in the works of ancient authors but in medieval times.

National Games – a separate paragraph in the life of Kazakhs. The ancient national games allocate special attention and respect. Very popular games such as “Kyz kuu” (catch the girl), “kazaksha kures” (Kazakh wrestling), “Alty Bakan” (swing in six pillars), “kokpar” (riders try to grab and pull out each other’s carcass goat) and “bayga” (horse racing at a distance of 25 to 100 km).