In Tajikistan, many tourists come not only in order to walk along the mountain paths, enjoy the scenery of beautiful parks and walking through the archaeological and historical sites, but also to taste delicious Tajik national cuisine.

For centuries, Tajikistan has formed its kitchen. Kitchen Tajiks consists of an abundance of flour and meat products. As a priority at the Tajik people will always be a goat and lamb. Also, preference is given to chickens and hens, but there are not used such birds as geese and ducks, fish. Horsemeat Tajiks used only on holidays and is a traditional dish. From horse meat, prepared kazi.

By the way, the bread is not cut with a knife, it is broken carefully manually by someone from the guests. As an addition to pilaf and shish kebab you can receive a salad or a cold snack. These meals are considered to be as separate. As a first course, in the Republic of Tajikistan are very popular cholob (from sour milk), as well as Finno, shurbo and mastoba. On the second course are kebabs, pilaf and kabobs.

As for drinks, in the country is considered to be a very popular green tea. It is used here in different ways. It can be considered for an amateur. Somebody prefer to drink cold it, others contrariwise choose hot tea.

Tajiks usually dine around a low table sitting on sufa. And in spite of the fact whether it is lunch, dinner or breakfast, the meal begins with a traditional tea. They drink tea from cups with fruits, sweets and cakes. Then served soup (large bowls) and second courses.