The Cuisine of Kazakhstan

The Cuisine of Kazakhstan is very rich in its range of delicious national dishes and drinks. Tea with milk or cream, baursaks and  Kurt, shubat, mare and ayran, kazi, musk deer and shuzhuk. And of course all this inconceivable to imagine without flapjack made of wheat flour.

The main decoration of any table has always been the meat a la Kazakh. This meat is cooked and served to the guests do not fully separated pieces. If the guest of honor then he gets the tidbit – a ram’s head. After that, the guest divides the head among the other guests with special rituals by yourself.

Also, beshbarmak is one of the main dishes , which is made from lamb, beef or horse meat. The meat is served with thinly sliced boiled dough pieces and meat broth.

In addition, the mare’s milk is considered very healing drink in Kazakhstan. It helps in treating the gastrointestinal tract, and in the treatment of all kinds of lung diseases.

Shubat  is also a milk drink, which is in contrast to the koumiss made from camel milk. In its medicinal properties, it is not inferior to koumiss and if shubat insist for three days then it will be even better. In every region shumat has its own name. Somewhere it is called kymyran, and somewhere Tuye kymyz. However, despite of the different names, the method of its preparation and medicinal properties remain unchanged.

Modern Kazakh cuisine is not only traditional dishes, recipes that pass from generation to generation but also the meals of other nations. Increasingly popular  are Uighur, Russian, Uzbek, and Tatar cuisine.

But at the same time, from ancient times to the present day – the meat – it is the main attribute dastarkhan. He is given the greatest attention in the preparation and storage.

Bread products, usually made from wheat flour. Great popularity have flat cakes and baursaks.