In the famous clinical sanatorium called “Kibray” are not only developed but also widely used authoring techniques for rehabilitation and health promotion, which were based solely on the methods of traditional medicine for use shotut. Shotut is one of the varieties of all the famous mulberry trees.

The clinic is part of the fruit shotut treatment in combination with massages, baths and acupuncture. Berries contain essential vitamins such as B, K, PP, B3. Also, antioxidants and more than 7 types of microelements are present. Fruits shotut very rich in copper, zinc, iron, selenium and manganese. Berries are not only perfectly stimulates metabolism, but also contribute to tissue regeneration. They are useful for hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, coronary artery disease, arrhythmia and tachycardia.

Visit the famous clinical sanatorium “Kibray”, you have the opportunity to relax in the cozy rooms, enjoy the fresh air and treat your both the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as the respiratory and the digestive system. The therapeutic procedures used for massage and therapeutic sauna, a room for physical therapy activities and artificial medicinal baths, physiotherapy exercises hall and health path.

Hotel services and facilities include a thematic library, gyms, beautician’s office, and more.

Rates: (depending on your preference – to be confirmed during the call).

Contacts: Kibray district, SSG Matkabulov.

Phone: (371) 286-02-00; (371) 286-00-67.

Operators of our travel agency «Orient Mice» happy to answer all your questions and help you arrange a ticket to the clinical sanatorium “Kibray”.