Winter is the time of year for all lovers of ski holidays and for those who just love to relax looking at the snow-covered landscape with a cup of hot cocoa. After such a holiday there is a desire to remember those moments and return to them again. At an altitude of 1600 meters tourist skiing complex “Chimgan” is located in the spurs of the Chatkal Range. A great place for outdoor activities, travel or just relaxing, is located in 85 km from Tashkent. Place resort has beautiful weather and stunning views of the alpine reservoir.

Chimgan included in a list of the best ski resorts in the CIS countries, according to Forbes Russia. Here you can find a wide range of sports activities, as well as go on a tour to enjoy the mountain air and beautiful scenery.

The highest point of Chimgan is 3309 meters. Trails are equipped with all the necessary conditions for the slopes, as well as carefully considered safe. There you will find the right route for you, for example, a medium difficulty route length of 800 m, a track for beginners length of 1500 m, and much more 300-500 meter slopes. All the tracks are equipped with comfortable lifts. Ibid, there is youth competition climbing. The ski season lasts from late November until the end of March, under the best weather conditions. For tourists in Chimgan, there are several hotels and camp sites with cottages, ski rentals, snowboards and sleds. Here in the hotel complex, you can find restaurant, bar, night clubs, tennis, billiards, sauna. On the territory, there are many different cafés of national cuisine. Also, the locals offer horseback riding. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Uzbekistan in the winter, but for those who are waiting impatiently spring, mountain recreation area will take you with great pleasure in order you could enjoy those moments when nature comes to life in Uzbekistan.