Trams for tourists in Samarkand

In Samarkand, it is planned to build a tram line for tourists.Currently, there is a design of the tram line along the Registan Square and other attractions. This method of travel will be very convenient for viewing the outstanding places of the city and attractive in itself.

International expedition “Roads of Alexander the Great” in Uzbekistan

In autumn this year, Uzbekistan will host a unique tour along the routes of Alexander the Great. Tour participants have the opportunity to see such legendary places as Sogdiana and Bactria, as well as the ancient cities of Nautak, Marakanda, Xenippa, Basileia, Alexandria. Also, the expedition participants will be held in the foothills of the

10 places that deserve a lot of tourists according to the version of National Geographic

National Geographic published an article in which it tells about 10 places in the world, in which it is worth to visit every tourist. One of these places is Uzbekistan.The author tells about all the advantages of the country including security, the center of the Great Silk Road, architecture, amazing cuisine, unusual corners and shopping.Also,

Golden Fund of Uzbek Cinema

In Samarkand, a tourist project is launched, now Uzbek films that are included in the Golden Fund can be seen in cinemas.For the show, the most outstanding films received recognition in the international public were chosen. There were films about the lives of great scientists, military leaders, thinkers, as well as the history and culture

On the roads of Uzbekistan was seen an electric car Tesla.

Auto Tesla revolutionary electric vehicles designed to completely destroy the internal combustion engine and to inculcate in mankind the desire to move exclusively on environmentally friendly transport. Tesla’s first car proved that a gasoline engine can be sent to a museum. Magdalena and Benedict, two travelers from Switzerland decided to travel to Russia and Central

Uzbekistan has entered the top five most popular CIS countries

Uzbekistan entered the rating of the most popular cities for travel in the summer of 2017, according to the analytical agency TurStat.In total, the rating included 9 countries, where Uzbekistan takes the fifth position. Top-10 is headed by the capital of Kazakhstan, followed by Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Almaty (Kazakhstan), Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Tajikistan.The

Eco-marathon in Karakalpakstan

Over the past decades, on the territory of Uzbekistan, there has been a disappearance of a unique species of the saiga antelope. To pay attention to this global problem, an Eco-marathon was held in Karakalpakstan. In total, about 500 people of different ages and status took part in this event, such as teachers, pop stars,

5 Vegetarian Uzbek dishes

Flapjack Flapjack air white cake with sesame, only from the furnace with golden crust became one of the symbols of Uzbekistan. It can be eaten with any dish, most often it is always served in tandem with a dish. Only the smell of flapjack opens up an appetite. Flapjack is cooked in tandyr ovens, so


It goes without saying that pilaf is the first most popular dish in Uzbekistan. There is even a legend that during long hikes Tamerlane’s army was eating pilaf and thus gained victory in battles. Since pilaf is very nutritious, it is enough to eat one cup of pilaf to satisfy hunger.In total, Uzbekistan has many

Uzbekistan has presented tourism potential in Malaysia and Indonesia

There was a presentation on the topic “Holy faces of the Uzbek land” in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, revealing the country’s opportunities in the tourism field.“Holy faces of the Uzbek land” is the traditional embodiment of our country, which includes the sources of the Islamic heritage.As part of the events, B2B meetings were held between