The Republic of Uzbekistan is a country territory of which is spread out a massive amount of attractions. Each of the cities of the state can boast of its diversity, consisting of architectural and historical monuments.

The main tourist centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which are included in UNESCO World Heritage Site are considered to Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Each of these cities played an important role in the development and formation of the ancient state.

On the whole territory of the country there are Zoroastrian monuments, which were built BC, shrines and temples, dating from 1 – 19 centuries, and much, much more.

The attractions of the country include not only the memorial complexes and madrassas but also natural attractions. Such as reserves, the Aral Sea, mountains Chimgan and yurt camps.

Having been in Uzbekistan you should visit famous museums of the country where you will be able to find for themselves a lot of interesting. For example, the museum named after Savitsky,  “Afrosiab” museum, State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, Museum of steam locomotives, Kokand History Museum and many others.