Arts and crafts of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz people, in their history of existence constantly developed themselves in art. In the Kyrgyz Republic, there are a large number of workshops where the knowledge and tricks of the trade in handicrafts, jewelry, arts and crafts, culture of Kyrgyz people handed down from generation to generation.

Masters constantly improved, borrowed each other’s styles and coloring in tailoring and carpet weaving, in ceramics and household items.

Yurt is a traditional dwelling of Kyrgyz nomads, that is along with jewelry is considered a unique masterpiece of applied art. By its form as well as its decoration, – you will not find the same yurts. Each of them is one and only in its kind.

Vessels made from animal skin deserve special attention. In them, the nomads kept mare and other national soft drinks. All vessels were made not only from the skin, as well as – the master decorate each case with embroidery or original metal bands.

Carpet weaving in Kyrgyzstan stands at a high level in their professional embroidery. Women by hand, over the years, embroider carpets, and then decorate yurt with it. These rugs will serve you more than 40 years.

Arts and crafts of Kyrgyzstan are inherently original and very diverse. Objects of arts and crafts are made with original embroidery and interesting compositions.

Products which are made of wood, – have their own unique patterns. You will not find anywhere else such bowls and vessels.