Karakalpak and Australian archaeologists have discovered an unusual mural. In Karakalpakstan on one of the archaeological sites was discovered a palace dating to the end of the III and the beginning II the BC, in one of the halls the drawing was discovered. The image height of approximately 6 meters and contains a picture of the people. The restorers conducted restoration and a thorough study of a design. French experts from the Research Institute of Human Sciences are helping to our scientists in this research.

Professor Franz Grenet assumes that the image looks like an ancient god which is intended to divert the faithful from errors and false thoughts and beware of their machinations of evil forces. Scientists have determined that the painting dates from the early Zoroastrianism, as long as they know little about Zoroastrianism in Central Asia. But thanks to this restoration work, they will be able to learn more about this era.

Regarding one picture restorers have already done their job as a man dressed in a tunic with pictures of animals and people. Trousers also have bird images. On the head of a person a massive crown, decorated in the style of buildings of ancient architecture.

Scientists have yet to restore some similar images that will contribute to the study of the ancient world religion Zoroastrianism.