Nowadays, each of us has heard about strange and mysterious phenomena that do not have a logical explanation. Such a place you can find in the south of Uzbekistan in the area of the Baysun reserve.

Here you can see that the laws of physics do not work the way you previously thought. On a small section of about 50 meters on the slope, there are really mysterious phenomena that scientists can not fully prove.

Every tourist who came to this place can check it this phenomenon by ordinary water. When you will pour water on the ground you will notice that the water is not flowing down the slope as we are accustomed, it flows upwards. It can also be noted that the car travels more easily up than down, and even accelerates at the same time. It seems that gravity acts on the contrary.

There are many opinions of scientists why this happens. The first version, in this section there is an unusual magnetic field, from which even very heavy objects can easily be lifted upwards. Second, nothing in our world is perfect and even gravity can have an anomaly. However, why in this case this happens on such a small plot, so far it has not been possible to find out. Third, there is a curved space according to the theory of Einstein in this zone, but the objects on this site remain the same shape and do not lend themselves to curvature.

Thus, the anomaly is still a mystery.