A traveler, journalist Paul Salopek and photojournalist John Stanmeyer of National Geographic and Time make a world tour called “Out of Eden Walk”. The purpose of travel to pass through the ways of nomadism of human civilization, to find out what were the causes to this and how our humanity has progressed its way. The journey they began in 2013 in Africa (Ethiopia) and moving along the route they reached the countries of The Great Silk Road following the East. Paul project is planned for 7 years, but because the route is very large and they are periodically faced with unforeseen circumstances, most likely it will be prolonged for a longer period, according to the John’ words at the conference in Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan, they will stay for about a month, will begin their journey to the cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Urgench, then they plan to return to Tashkent to hold the second meeting. John said that the visit in Uzbekistan is an honor for him because the history of the country is very rich and diverse, so an interesting material will be a lot. He arrived in Tashkent just a few days but he is already pleased with the prospects and the local food that he tasted at the local restaurant.

All articles Paul Salopek published in National Geographic Magazine, along with photos of John Stanmeyer. In a short time, an article about Uzbekistan will be published as one of the legendary Silk Road countries.