1. Flapjack

Flapjack air white cake with sesame, only from the furnace with golden crust became one of the symbols of Uzbekistan. It can be eaten with any dish, most often it is always served in tandem with a dish. Only the smell of flapjack opens up an appetite. Flapjack is cooked in tandyr ovens, so they acquire a unique taste that will never be repeated in ordinary ovens.

  1. Sumalak

One of the most ancient traditional dishes of our country. Sumalak is prepared from sprouted grains of wheat, which are ground, poured with oil and boiled in a large cauldron in the open area, exactly a day. Sumalak is usually brewed in March during Navruz, a Muslim new year. Sumalak has many nutrients. Preparation of this dish is considered a family event, so Uzbek people prepare it by the whole family in turn.

  1. Samsa with pumpkin

Samsa with pumpkin is another popular vegetarian dish in our country. The combination of sweetish puff pastry and slightly peppered pumpkin filling will not leave you indifferent. Nevertheless, before eating, you should clarify at the chef samsa was smeared with  butter or fat. Since traditionally in Uzbekistan, it is customary to grease samsa with fat.

  1. Chalope

Chalope, or as it is also called cold Uzbek soup, is prepared on the basis of a sour-milk product, with the addition of greenery and finely chopped vegetables. Chalop is the best idea for the hot summer.

  1. Pilaf without meat

Traditional pilaf is cooked, with meat, but since there are many kinds of pilaf in Uzbekistan, pilaf without meat also exists. By the way, the taste of this pilaf is not worse than its traditional version.